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Elite2 Subwoofers - COMING SOON

28 April 2015
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The Elite2 Series Subwoofers are the finest Phoenix Gold subwoofers period. 

Engineered with extreme precision high temp 3" voice coils from Japan for increased power handling and reliability, a triple stacked 230oz motor and radial venting for 30% BETTER HEAT DISSIAPTION over the previous model.

The NEW Elite2 features the legendary tri-LEDs on the dust cap which is now customisable and fieldservicable


  • 60mm of Peak to Peak Excursion 
  • 2.5” Ultra High Temp Copper Wound Voice Coil 
  • Radial Backplate Venting System 
  • Easy Connect Single Location Speaker Terminal 
  • Long Throw Dual Spider Suspension 
  • High Excursion CAE/CAD Motor Design 
  • Woven Tinsel Leads
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Former 
  • One Piece Injection Polypropylene Dustcap 
  • High Roll Butyl Rubber Double Stitched Surround 
  • Optimized for Sealed or Vented Enclosures 
  • Rigid Powder Coated Anti-Resonant Castbasket 
  • Quick Disconnect Series/Parallel Wires Included

For more information or to pre-order please call sales on 01420 487110. Alternatively please email -